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Zoom: Enabling Screen Sharing for Participants | Department of Economics – Show others your documents by sharing a screen

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You will then be prompted to select the screen you want to share, choose the application that will be shared or opt to share a whiteboard.

Click on the Share Computer Sound checkbox in the lower right corner of the window if you want other participants to hear the sounds from your computer. Click on the Share button when ready and the application will enter the full-screen mode automatically.

The meeting controls will remain available to you while you are sharing the screen so that you can share a new screen, use annotation tools or any of the other available options. Desktop versions of Zoom allow its users to share several screens simultaneously, but the host of the meeting must enable the Dual-Monitors option.

After you sign in to your Zoom account, you should click on your profile picture and click on Settings in the drop-down menu. Go to the General tab and click on the checkbox next to the Use Dual Monitors option. In addition, you must disable the Remote Support setting before you start a meeting. Once the meeting starts you should click on the arrow next to the Screen Share icon and pick the Multiple participants can share simultaneously option from the menu.

Once this option is activated all participants will be able to share their screens, although the participants who are using the mobile app to participate in a meeting can only share screens if no one else is sharing their screen.

The participants in the meeting who are using a dual monitor setup will be able to see two most recently shared screens, while the participants who only have one monitor can only see one screen at the time. Clicking on the View Options will enable you to select the screen you are currently viewing. Furthermore, the Share Computer Audio and Optimize for full-screen video clips are unavailable when multiple screens are shared at the same time.

Before you install Zoom on your computer or your Smartphone you must make sure that the app is compatible with the version of the OS your device is using. You should then go to the Select a Program to Customize the menu and add the Cphost. Head back to Zoom and check if the black screen issue is resolved. However, you should keep in mind that mobile and web-based versions of the app offer only limited capabilities and that only Mac and PC versions of the app enable users to share multiple screens simultaneously.

Did you find this article helpful? Click here to know about the tips to improve video quality in Zoom Meetings. Here is how to use breakout rooms during online Zoom meetings for better meeting experience. In this article, you will learn 10 best free video conferencing tools for business and education. Generally rated 4. Filmora Video Editor. Free Download Free Download. You’ll be prompted to grant permission the first time you try to share your screen.

Select Open System Preferences from the prompt. Under Screen Recording , make sure Microsoft Teams is selected. Note: If you’re using Teams on the web, make sure you’ve also granted screen recording permission to your browser.

Sharing computer sound lets you stream audio from your computer to meeting participants through Teams. You can use it to play a video or audio clip as part of a presentation. To share sound, select Share content in your meeting controls and then Include computer sound it’s the switch on the top right of your sharing options.

All sound from your computer, including notifications, will be audible in the meeting. For more info, check out Share sound from your computer in a Teams meeting or live event. If you want another meeting participant to change a file, help you present, or demonstrate something, you can give control to that person.

You will both be in control of the sharing, and you can take back control anytime. People you give control to may send commands that could affect your system or other apps.

We’ve taken steps to prevent this but haven’t tested every possible system customization. To take control while another person is sharing, select Request control. The person sharing can then approve or deny your request. While you have control, you can make selections, edits, and other modifications to the shared screen. Note: Mac trackpads don’t support zoom in meetings.

If you’re on a Mac, use one of the other options. If you’re using Linux, giving and taking control of shared content isn’t available at this time. You can choose to present a photo, video, PowerPoint, or your entire screen. When you’re ready to share, tap Start presenting at the bottom of your screen. Hit Stop presenting when you’re done.

Tip: To go forward and back in a PowerPoint presentation, swipe in the direction you’d like to go, or tap the forward and back buttons on the bottom of your screen. Note: If your role changes from presenter to attendee during a meeting and you’re presenting, screensharing will stop. You may want to minimize the content someone is sharing in order to better see the people in the meeting on your mobile device. Here’s how:. Tap More actions next to the name of the person doing the sharing.

Choose Minimize content from the menu. This will give you a better look at more of the people in the meeting. You’ll still see the shared content on the lower portion of your screen. If you’re already in a meeting on your laptop, for example, you can add your phone as a companion device to present files, share live video, and much more. Any device with the Teams mobile app can be added as a companion device—just make sure the devices you’re using are signed in to the same Teams account.

Tip: For more details, see Join a Teams meeting on a second device. You’ll see a message near the top of your screen informing you that you’re currently in a meeting on another device, and asking if you want to join it on this one, too.

Tap Join. You’ll then see two options: Add this device , and Transfer to this device. Tap Add this device. If you join this way, we’ll mute your companion device’s mic and speaker to avoid causing an echo effect. When you’re ready to share something from the companion device, tap Start presenting at the bottom of the screen. On your other device, you’ll be able to see what you’re sharing, just like everyone else in the meeting.

When you’re finished, tap Stop presenting , or simply hang up. Your other device will still be connected to the meeting.



Share content in a meeting in Teams – How Do I Share My Screen On Zoom When Not Hosting?

All sound from your computer, including notifications, will be audible in the meeting. Note: If you want to record the screen on iPhone and iPad for a long time, you should check some third-party screen recorders for iOS for better recording experience. Giving access to your computer to one or all of the participants in a meeting can help you resolve pressing issues and save you time on sending different types of files. Click here to know about the tips to improve video quality in Zoom Meetings.


Share Screen on Zoom Meeting Guide.


For basic accounts, screen sharing is restricted to only the original author or a partner, who happens to be co-host. During screen sharing, using the desktop client, you can enable Zoom. The share screen will be posted once you tap the up arrow. Navigate to Advanced Sharing Options and click it. Participants are now able to share the content directly from their screen if you have such software.

A default option for Who can share is Host Only if you have one or more co-hosts. Ensure that Host-Only is the default setting.

During the meeting, participants will be able to turn on or off their screens as needed. Zoom the three dots on Chat, and then click Chat in its toolbar. You can select Host Only by selecting it in the lower right corner of the chat window. Share Who may we o share?

When prompted, choose the original domain or the host in which you plan to place the server. It is not limited to just one person sharing a screen. Get more info on how to share your screen with others.

A person who can share must be shown to be in a public library. After you have selected all participants, select the group. In order to facilitate participation in a video conference, host ensures that the participant is made the host during the event.

Zoom Co-Host Options is a free job aid tool to assist you as your co-host to share their screen. In the meeting, the host hovers over the users video, clicks on the three dots, and selects Make Co-Host. A host can prevent participants from publicly sharing their screen when the host knows it. Basic accounts allow you to set only the host-to-host to screen sharing. In webinars, only the host, co-founder, and panelists can access their screens.

Zoom windows may be shown during screen share with the desktop client. One-by-one in Mute All Participants. If you wish to uncheck the checkbox, click the Mute All button in the Participants Panel. Join a Zoom meeting while beginning a new one.

Video sharing automatically begins in Speaker View, which lets you view your own presentation. Simply hover over your video and click on the ellipses to hide the self-view menu.

To close the window, choose Hide Self View when the ellipses have been clicked. Zoom desktop users can enable multiple participants to share their screen during a conference with as much flexibility as possible. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. The Zoom web portal is accessible from the Zoom profile.

Settings can be found in the navigation panel. Click the Meeting tab. You can enable desktop screen sharing for your meetings by choosing In Meeting Basic. Enable the setting if it has been disabled by clicking on the toggle. With Zoom, start your meetings as an advocate. Clicking the upward arrow and selecting Multiple participants may be shared simultaneously from this button.

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