Zoom audio not working on acer laptop – none:. Why did my sound suddenly stop working?

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How to Fix It When a Windows 11 Microphone Is Not Working.

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Hello, I recently experienced no sound on my laptop and I couldn’t understand why. I tried all the quick fixes I found online and nothing. I was even about to download a new driver altogether but luckily I found the problem before that Turns out my playback options had switched which was really stupid so this is what I did.

On the bottom right hand side of my tool bar I located my volume control and right clicked. When the menu popped up I clicked on the sound option and once that menu appeared I went all the way to the top where there are 3 tabs and clicked on the first one which is playback.

Once there I had two options one which was digital device and speakers. Mine was on the digital output device which had it wacked so I clicked on speakers ,apply, and okay and wah la my sound was magically working again. Anyways Im not sure every body’s problem is this simple but just maybe. I hope this was helpful! See more. You helped me too. Thanks a lot!!!! Sorry but this didnt work for me, only one option came up which were the speakers. They tested fine but I still hear] no audio from youtube or itunes.

Please help. I knew I wuld find a solution on the internet. Thank you. If above answer did not work for you. Go to where you can uninstall programs.

There should zoom audio not working on acer laptop – none: be a link that says updates or recent updates. Click on that.

Uninstall all window updates from July Not window security updates or office updates. Just July window updates. I found this answer on another forum where tons of people with various computer brands had the same problem. Thankfully some of them noticed it was right after an automatic update. After you do this you will need to restart your computer.

When I did this screen said installing new window updates and I worried that everything I just took off would be put back on zoom audio not working on acer laptop – none: that did not happen. Volume working great now! Oh, this is for Windows 8 computers.

Thanks mate, it’s working now. I tried all these options but they didn’t work. I went to the C drive, searched the ‘Audio’ file, inside there were two items, I clicked on ‘set audio mode to direct’ and this fixed the issue with playing the sound on itunes and youtube Can anybody help me?? My Acer laptop display was broken and when it was fixed there is no sound coming from my laptop and it cannot detect any problems either :. I even tried using driver detecters but none can download the drivers either :.

I had just given up figuring it was the age of the laptop! Thank you SOOO much! I just experienced the same thing and your solution worked for me. Thank you so much! I thought I was going zoom audio not working on acer laptop – none: have to really dig into the system and you upload speed for zoom meetings – upload speed for zoom meetings: it in about 30 seconds.

Thank you you Clear and helpful – applies to many versions of Windows. View all 18 comments. I also had this problem, I clicked on the volume icon on the bottom right of my screen then clicked the picture of the speaker about my volume level. When I got to my speakers properties I went down to “device usage” and disabled my device and applied the changes, I went back to the properties and it automatically did a troubleshoot and found zoom audio not working on acer laptop – none: problem!

Automatically turned my speakers back on. If you can’t find “All Control Panel Options” just go to the top left where it says “Control Panel” and click the little arrow next to it and the options should come up :.

This might help you. Didn’t find the answer zoom audio not working on acer laptop – none: are looking for? Ask a question. Uninstall all July windows updates. Not window security or office updates, just window updates. Go to where u can uninstall programs and you should see a link that says updates or recent updates.

Uninstall July window updates there. Zoom not connecting error 5003 accidentally wrote it there and don’t want to retype it all. But the gist of it is many people noticed this problem started after July window updates for Windows 8 computers.

Solved it for me!!! Dear Chevy, It might be that the drivers that you have installed are not compatible and hence make use of the Driver Detective in order to identify the right drivers that you need to have installed. Thanks in advance. Similar discussions ASUS laptop internal speaker is not working. Sound coming from both speakers and headphone. Sound suddenly stopped working on computer. To get audio out from laptop while HDMI used. Продолжить not working after using headphone.

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How to Fix It When a Laptop Microphone is Not Working.

Rather interesting machine mind you I have had probably 15 dells over the years Windows Why is my mic not working on Discord? That may be causing the zooom with the audio. Not helpful at all. Make sure your “Speakers” are set as the default playback device. As the names suggest, the former profile is lower quality for phonecalls, the latter is high quality audio streaming.


Zoom audio not working on acer laptop – none:. How to Fix It When a Windows 11 Microphone Is Not Working

24/7 Tech Support for Any Issue, Any Device – TechSolutions. Jun 07,  · If none of the tricks work, you might want to remove Zoom from your computer and perform a clean reinstall. Step 1: Open the Windows 10 Settings menu (Windows + I). Step 2: Navigate to Apps > Apps. Oct 13,  · Zoom is not playing sound on my brand new laptop running windows Zoom can see the speakers (onboard or bluetooth) and appears to be playing a test sound – bar showing signal but nothing is coming through. Mic is working fine. Occasionally there will be a split-second of sound and then dead. Speakers work with everything else except facebook.