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Can i cancel my xoom transfer

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Your Remitly transfer can be canceled as long as your recipient hasn’t received their money yet. When your transfer is canceled, you’ll be refunded. We’ll use cookies to improve and customize your experience if you continue to browse. Is it OK if we also use cookies to show you personalized ads?

Xoom Money Transfer – Reviews & Ratings.


The difference between PayPal and Xoom is that PayPal is the best option for transactions while Xoom is a cheaper way to make transactions. Log in using your email address or phone number after the app has been downloaded.

Select your country, pay your bill or reload your phone depending on what you need to do. You can track all of your transactions by enabling push notifications, you will receive text messages every time a transaction is made. Cancellation can only be requested by filling out the cancellation request form on the customer support page. In terms of saving you money, Remitly beats Xoom, but both are pretty equal when it comes to speed.

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How to Delete Venmo Account? The customer service request form isn’t tailored to delete account requests, so it can be difficult to get your request to the right person. There isn’t another simple way to make the request, however, so all you can do is fill out the form and hope for the best.

The problem people run into when deleting their Xoom account is that there’s only one point of access. Xoom doesn’t have a live chat option, and they don’t recommend calling customer service to delete an account.

If you have any other problems, such as missing login information, that only complicates the process. Once you fill out a customer service form and hit “send,” the process is out of your hands. And if there are errors on the form, there’s no telling where it might end up or when you’ll get a response. There’s no reason you should have to struggle to get your Xoom account closed.

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Xoom Money Transfer Review, Rates & Fees – Save Today [ Exclusive] – How to contact Xoom via mail?

How do I cancel my Xoom transfer?


Can i cancel my xoom transfer. Xoom money transfer review


What I only hope to change is the exchange rate they use which is way smaller that their counterpart Remitly, Western Union, or Money gram. Simple, easy, quick and in most cases, no or low cost way to send friends, family and loved ones money. Customer service is terrible. Do you want to go to phone run-around hell? Have Xoom delay transferring your funds. Then you will make dozens of phone calls, be put on hold for hours, only to get customer service reps who will make you answer more questions than a mortgage loan officer, only to to tell you they have no idea why your funds are being held up, and that you must call their “premium” customer service reps.

Outstanding service! Have used it many times to send money to a friend in Kenya. Quick and easy! I love how fast and easy the process is. The money always gets to my family on time, quickly and efficiently.

Fast and easy and very convenient to send money. Xoom will send you confirmations when they received your remittance. Two thumbs up!! I find Xoom to be a very clunky system to use. It is very frustrating to only have a small window of when a bill is accessible to pay and then to pay it. This past month I paid my electric bill via Xoom within the 5 day allotted window, only to have my electric cancelled by the electric company in Mexico! I then had to find another option to get my electricity paid and back online immediately.

I has been using xoom for many years and in the last couple transacciones they send a message saying the recipient pick up the total of the money but oh surprise! They don’t pay the total of the money they told me, along with that I pay additional charge for the transaction. I called them and they responded with many excuses I don’t recommend this company anymore. I have had no problems with them and the payments have gone through very fast. Definitely will use them again especially if I cannot visit Italy myself and would need to order more goodies.

I highly recommend Xoom! I have used Xoom for several years. The transfers were always flawless, and their rate has always been good. Fast accurate problem-free way to send money.

This is the last time i use Xoom. Bad experience with them. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she was worse. I do not recommend anyone to use Xoom.. They rip people off. I will look into using another company to send money to relatives in Mexico. Service is slow, inconvenient and unprofessional.

After I uploaded my driver’s license ad bank statement I received an email the next day stating I cannot use the Xoom service. When I called customer service I was told to look for an alternative service. Furthermore, I’ve held a PayPal account for over ten years and never had any problem with it.

I’m frustrated I spent so much time trying to transfer money with Xoom only to be denied service. I recognize fraud is a major problem in this industry but the barriers Xoom has imposed on the consumer coupled with poor customer service and onerous verification steps I cannot recommend this service to anyone. For that reason Xoom just lost one costumer. Most of the times I get good exchange rates compared to other apps like Remitly.

One thing I like in Xoom is the transfer speed. We can send amounts just in minutes and they later deduct the amount from our account which is great. Also Xoom app is PayPal’s official app so we can trust it. I got my amount refunded once when something went wrong. So, I trust this app and recommend. System connectivity seems lacking as well as this payment system seemingly takes much longer to operate boot, login and process.

Because we’re a PayPal service, your transactions and financial info are secured by PayPal’s trusted technology Competitive and transparent rates for you, and no transaction fees for your contacts Easy access to your PayPal wallet, so you can use your PayPal payment methods on Xoom Upfront delivery times and real-time tracking updates, so you know when your money will be delivered Multiple ways to send, including bank deposits, cash pickup, and mobile wallet transfers Quickly reload mobile phones.

Your contacts can pick up cash from over 12, reliable locations like Cebuana Lhuillier and M. Your contacts can pick up cash from over , convenient locations like Muthoot Finance and Manappuram Finance.

Your contacts can pick up cash from over locations like SuperGiros and Bancolombia. You can even send money to friends and family who live in the United States! Your contacts can pick up cash from over 5, locations like Ria.

We regularly make improvements to the app with each release. Our latest update contains fixes and enhancements to make your sending experience more seamless. The first time I sent money through the app it worked great. Money was available quick and there were no issues. I tried to send more money the next day and I get a phone call telling me that they need to verify some information from me. I give them my email, phone number, full name of the recipient. If you pay with a credit or debit card, the fees are slightly higher, but transaction processing is faster.

Xoom offers a fee and exchange rate calculator to help customers figure out the total price of the transfer as well as the amount their recipient will receive based on exchange rates.

The fees are much lower for some countries. The major advantage to Xoom is price. The service claims to offer lower prices on international money transfers than Western Union and MoneyGram. Xoom makes its money from transaction fees, as well as the foreign exchange fees charged when the money is received in a currency other than U.

Xoom also offers a money-back guarantee. If for any reason your money is not received by your recipient, it will refund your transaction in full. So what about the disadvantages? Some critics complain that Xoom often plays it too safe, resulting in extra hassle for the customer and lengthy processing times. Of course, taking these additional measures and refusing to accept cash as a funding source are good ways to avoid money-laundering schemes and terrorism financing.

Xoom itself was the victim of a massive fraud scheme. In the time since, however, Xoom was acquired by PayPal, improving its security, and it has not encountered any such fraudulent activities since then.