– Why is my zoom audio not working on windows

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No sound during most recent zoom meeting – Microsoft Community – Zoom meeting has no sound? This could be the reason

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Still, if you want to adjust the audio levels manually, you can uncheck it. Click Next on the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter window. Please let me know if you need further assistance. Category How to , Software , Windows. I think last week my input was set at stereo mix. Here are some troubleshooting steps to try. Brinksley Hong Last Updated: 5 months ago.

– Zoom Audio Not Working? 8 Troubleshooting Tips


An out-of-date operating system might trigger various weird issues including Zoom sound not working. For better performance and stability of Windows, make sure you check for the updates regularly.

Once done, restart your computer for the changes to take full effect, and you should be hearing the sound on Zoom normally. Have further questions or suggestions? Please feel free to share your comment below. Brinksley is a technical writer at Driver Easy. She writes guides, tutorials and tips with easy steps to help people solve annoying computer issues.

Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Thomas Medicielo Independent Advisor. Hello BeverlyToyama1 , Thank you for reaching out! My name is Thomas M. I would be more than happy to assist you and I hope that my assistance will result in a successful solution to your issue.

Since you described in your scenario that the others in your meeting could see you but not hear you and I am assuming that you could hear them , that to me is indicative of an issue with Output.

Instead, you should change the sound settings via the Zoom meeting. You can do this one three ways: 1. Before you join the meeting, you should see an option to test your computer audio. As a rule of thumb, I always check my audio to ensure I can hear the other meeting attendants and that they can hear me. Follow all of these checklists to ensure proper Zoom audio settings in Windows To experience a high-quality audio experience in Zoom, make sure that the computer volume is also set to the optimum level.

To check and fix the low volume on your PC, follow the instructions below:. Now, make sure the audio levels are set to max for Zoom Meetings as shown. When you are in the middle of a meeting or before, test your audio and modify Zoom audio settings in Windows Now, switch to the Audio tab on the left pane.

If you want to test the speaker, click on the Test Speaker option. The test tone will be played now. If you cannot hear anything, adjust the Volume slider or change the speaker if available. To test your microphone, click on the Test Mic option. Your audio will now be recorded. Once you have finished recording, select the Recording button to playback your audio.

If you feel your audio is being distorted, then you can choose another microphone or adjust the volume sliders. Note: We recommend that you keep Automatically adjusting your microphone box to be checked.

Still, if you want to adjust the audio levels manually, you can uncheck it. If you have any incorrect settings like muted microphone, mic not set as the default input audio device has very low volume which may prevent Zoom from accessing the audio set up in your PC. Follow the below-mentioned steps to tweak microphone settings to fix Zoom audio not working Windows 10 issue.

Hit the Windows key , type Control Panel , and click on Open. Then, set the View by: option to Large icons and click on the Sound link as shown. Next, switch to the Recording tab, right-click on the empty space and check Show Disabled Devices option as illustrated below. The Default Device, if disabled, right-click on it and select Enable as shown. Then, right-click on your default audio device and select the Properties option as depicted. Then, in the Speakers Properties option, switch to the Levels tab and ensure the Speakers value is set to max.

Your PC may choose any different microphone or speaker as its default device and when you may use another speaker and microphone in the meeting. This may lead to audio issues. Right-click on the Sound icon in the bottom right corner of the screen as shown.

Then, in the Sound window, switch to the Recording tab and right-click on the microphone you would like to set as the default one. Then, switch to the Playback tab and right-click on the Speakers you would like to set as the default one.

Right-click on the Sound icon in the Taskbar and select the Open Sound settings option. Restart your Zoom call by leaving the meeting and re-joining using the same Zoom credentials. If prompted about Microphone access, select Allow to give Zoom authorizations to use your mic. Sometimes the problem may not be with the Zoom app but with your computer or mobile device. You can start by checking the volume levels on your device or moving closer to your mic.

If none of these quick fixes resolve the issue, move to specific troubleshooting steps for your device as listed below. If you have any Bluetooth speaker or headphones connected to the computer, disconnect the Bluetooth connection and check whether the audio works again.

You may have forgotten to update your PC or Mac with the latest software updates that usually contain security patches and bug fixes your device needs to work better. In this case, install any pending updates and then try using the audio on Zoom again. Most people with audio issues on Zoom tend to miss the Join Audio option that helps them connect the sound.


Why is my zoom audio not working on windows –

Right-click on the Sound icon in the bottom right corner of the screen as shown.