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Jul 24,  · 20 Of The Best Zoom Tools For Teachers. 1. Google Drive for Zoom. With this app, you can transfer your Zoom recordings and transcripts to your Google Drive account. 2. Whiteboarding. The native Zoom whiteboard feature will allow you to share a whiteboard that you and other participants (if allowed) Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. 18 rows · Sep 10,  · Yes. Zoom: Managing participants in Zoom Waiting Rooms and . Pick your online calendar of choice (Google Calendar is great if you have Gmail or a Google account) and you’ll be taken to a page with your Zoom link. You can send this link to your students in your online calendar’s meeting scheduler.


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Founded in and acquired by Cisco in , Webex is an established brand in the web conferencing space. In June , Webex showed its ambition by announcing a new set of features. The company also said that, soon, it will add background voice removal to its meetings. Maximum Meeting Participants: 1, on the Enterprise plan.

In fact, Microsoft did away with Skype for Business in July , encouraging everyone on that platform to switch to Microsoft Teams. Even so, it seems Skype for personal use is here to stay.

GoToMeeting offers a free day trial without requiring payment information. Though not the lowest-priced software on this list, GoToMeeting has standout security capabilities that will make it a popular choice for institutions discussing sensitive information during meetings.

The lack of breakout rooms may be a dealbreaker for teaching online classes, however. On this list, there are two online meeting apps that come with some sort of noise cancellation: Google Meet has intelligent noise cancellation on its paid plan, and Webex now offers background noise removal. However, there is a totally free way to add noise cancellation to any online meeting app you choose.

Krisp is an app that integrates with conferencing apps to remove unwanted sounds in the background, such as children crying, keyboards clicking, and cars going by. Our personal plan comes at no cost to you and provides minutes a week of microphone and speaker noise removal. Just install it on your computer, and it can work with the online meeting apps you use.

Ultimately, the online meeting app you choose for long-term use will heavily depend on your needs. Thankfully, every app on this list has a free plan or a free trial, so you can give each one a try to see which one you like best. Product Company Remote communication Online communication tips Remote work productivity Best apps and tools Enterprise communication Communication and collaboration Contact center tips Noise cancellation Tips and best practices App tutorials Headphones.

Best apps and tools. Updated on Jan 07, 10 min read. Admins can access records of which employees join, to better keep track of attendance during video calls. The app can also post meeting summaries and recordings directly into Slack, making it easy to consolidate remote work happenings into one central hub. Download the Slack Zoom app. The Gmail extension allows users to schedule, start, view, and change Zoom meetings without exiting the inbox.

Hosts can initiate Zoom meetings for email groups with the single click of a button. The program then pulls up a form that asks for topic, timezone, time and date, and duration, making it simple to give invitees essential information within seconds.

Download the Gmail Zoom app. This extension allows users to import Lucidspark boards directly into Zoom meetings. While the digital whiteboard tool in Zoom is blank when the meeting starts, Lucidspark boards can be pre-prepped and can include GIFs and images. Meeting leaders can use the tool for real time brainstorming and can assign each attendee a color to better track the origin of ideas. The app also has a built-in timer to keep the meeting flowing effectively. Download the Lucidspark Zoom app.

The Trello app enables meeting hosts and participants to connect to and organize Trello boards from within Zoom meetings. Teammates can view boards to gauge project progress, and leaders can add assignment cards to lists during the meeting to save on time and ensure no task gets overlooked.

Attendees can also add comments and import content onto the board via the Zoom chat channel. Download the Trello Zoom app. The Asana app for Zoom allows team members and managers to connect the project platform to video calls.

Users can create a Zoom meeting through Asana, view and update tasks during meetings, and import Zoom recordings and transports into the task lists automatically. This tool helps to streamline collaborative projects and saves the step of updating the program post meeting.

Download the Asana Zoom app. Dropbox Spaces simplifies file sharing during Zoom meetings. Participants can access, share, and edit files during meetings. Unlike traditional Zoom file share, team members can access Dropbox post-meeting if they forget to download documents before the meeting ends. The app also facilitates agendas and minutes, saving organizers the step of dropping files in a folder post meeting. Dropbox Spaces functions as a centralized work hub, and even allows users to assign tasks to other team members.

The extension allows users to schedule Zoom meetings from within Salesforce, and makes a record of the virtual meetings and audio calls in customer notes.

The app also transfers recordings and registrant data from Zoom into Salesforce, eliminating the need to manually enter leads into the platform. Download the Zoom for Salesforce app. Zoom for Hubspot is a video conferencing extension of the popular sales and marketing software. The Hubspot add-on enables users to automatically create Zoom meetings and send reminders within the CRM, as well as import Zoom attendee data into the platform.

The app tracks metrics like registration dates, attendance status, and duration of stay, making it easier to measure ROI.

This tool helps sales and marketing professionals more easily track the buyer journey and record the customer relationship without excessive administrative work. Installing the add-on enables the program to automatically record and analyze scheduled video meetings, and provide insights on possible areas of improvement. The app can track occurrences such as competitor mentions or customer reactions to discounts, and also provides a timeline of the full client conversation history.

Download the Gong. This Mailchimp Zoom app sends messages about campaign performance straight into the Zoom chat channel. This add-on enables marketers to analyze the results of campaigns in a streamlined format and is useful for marketing team meetings. It is worth mentioning that pros can further pair these two programs by integrating the platforms via Zapier extension.

This maneuver permits marketers to transfer Zoom emails into Mailchimp, enabling event organizers to more seamlessly communicate with registrants. Download Mailchimp Notifications. The app allows social media managers to publish full recordings or clips, as well as post in real time or schedule immediately. Download the Repurpose. The Calendly extension enables meeting organizers to generate Zoom links when scheduling events.

The meeting URL appears on the calendar invite, and updates automatically when hosts make changes. This handy tool saves schedulers extra steps and keeps meeting details organized in a central location. Download Calendly for Zoom. Google Calendar Notifications connects Zoom and Gcal so that users can receive updates and reminders straight to the video meeting software. Participants can customize subscriptions to tailor which messages pop up in the platform. The app also provides daily summaries of events that display the overview of the day at a glance.

Download the Google Calendar Notifications Zoom app. Docusign is one of the most practical apps for Zoom. This extension sends notifications about envelopes direct to Zoom chat and allows meeting attendees to check the status of documents.

Users can even create new envelopes within Zoom by using a text command, allowing meeting participants to draft and send documents in response to meeting discussion. Download the Docusign Zoom app. Zapier is a single Zoom add-on with hundreds of possible applications. The app can automate a wide range of processes. For instance, adding webinar registrants to marketing email lists or into a CRM, or scheduling virtual event attendees for Zoom webinars as soon as a payment clears. Zapier is a good solution for users who want to add the functionality of other platforms to Zoom without installing dozens of different Zoom apps or receiving admin permission for each add-on.

Not to mention, Zapier can connect Zoom with software that may not yet have a published app in the marketplace.

Download the Zapier Zoom app. Heads Up! To play the game traditionally, a player holds a phone on their forehead and tries to guess the phrase while other players holler out hints. The Zoom version of the game functions in the same way, except the word flashes on the Zoom screen for all participants besides the guesser. Download the Heads Up! Zoom app, and check out more virtual party games. Team Games is a Zoom app that launches fun challenges between meeting participants.

At the start of each game, the organizer gets a link, and players enter a passcode. From there, team members can play games such as mini golf, and hangman. The app is good for big and small teams. Plus, developers continually work to add more games, like Pictionary and trivia. Download the Team Games Zoom app. Challenges accommodate 2 to 12 players.

Gaggle Party is a smooth and seamless way to play games in Zoom and add fun to team video calls. Download the Gaggle Party Zoom app. AskAway is a virtual icebreaker game designed to fill buffer time at the start or end of meetings, or to eliminate awkward silences during breaks. Corgi B. Cockatoo C. Calico Cat. This game is a way to energize and engage participants during Zoom meetings while helping remote colleagues learn more about each other.

Download the AskAway Zoom app. The app saves facilitators the need to share screens, and players can answer within the app console instead of using a mobile device. Game organizers can load up a custom quiz or choose from a library of pre-made options, meaning that hosts can transition into impromptu trivia games when Zoom calls wrap up early.