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Another possible reason your Internet connection is unstable due to the way your laptop is configured. More specifically, as a part of power management policies, it will turn some services off to prolong battery life. Phones are even more prone to this issue, as each vendor has its own view on how power should be managed and will tweak their operating systems accordingly.

An easy way to tell whether you are dealing with a power management issue is to notice when the issue occurs: If you keep losing Internet connection while actively using the device — you should probably look elsewhere. Overall, power-saving may be a good idea for some scenarios where access to outlets is scarce, and every single minute counts.

However, for a home setup, this makes very little difference — in fact, it produces more harm than good, so consider disabling it. Another thing to keep track of when dealing with unstable Internet is the clogged network. It may look like the most trivial thing to spot — after all, it was you who started that 20 Gb download in the first place, so you know when to expect a slowdown.

However, some activities, such as peer-to-peer uploads, can eat up a chunk of bandwidth while staying in the background. Such issues are annoying but temporary and will resolve on their own. Alternatively, certain software can communicate with the Internet so that it does not involve a lot of data but stresses the connection due to the frequency of request.

This may actually be a pain to locate, as different monitoring tools will treat such activities differently. Nowadays, a typical smart home can have a plethora of WiFi devices that can overwhelm the network when not configured properly.

Fortunately, once found, they can be fixed by following instructions online. To be fair, viruses, which are often blamed for unstable Internet connection, are not among widespread causes.

Nevertheless, when everything else is ruled out, this option is worth considering. Malware can cut you off the network in two ways. First, it can damage drivers or other critical parts of the system responsible for connectivity, which makes it a software issue. Sometimes, it can even trick you into thinking that your Internet keeps dropping to make you download and install another malware disguised as a cure.

Alternatively, malware can settle within your system and use your connection for its own purposes, like infecting other machines or mining cryptocurrency.

In this case, the laptop will be losing internet connection every few minutes. This scenario is closer to the overloaded channel issue and can be diagnosed and resolved similarly — by removing the extra load. The screen freezes and audio is lost. I have test my bandwith, and it is sufficient. I am in ZipCode What internet plan do you have?

Is the device you’re using for Zoom connected through Wi-Fi or Ethernet? We’d recommend checking out our article on Optimizing Internet Speeds for tips on how to maximize your device’s signal strength and performance. I have problems with Zoom also. I only only have a cell phone and a la laptop that use wifi. Neither one is far from the gateway. The next time that I use Zoom, I will try restarting gateway first but I am not optimistic. Zoom would freeze and report as unstable on a regular basis on multiple machines, wired and over wifi.

After some experimentation, I seem to have solved the problem by changing the UDP session timeout on our router a AC. This makes sense since our connection always seemed to freeze about once every 10 minutes – apparently the Zoom software was not keeping the connection alive in a timely fashion. I have the same issue. It is not just Zoom. It is more noticeable when using Zoom, because Zoom requires constant streaming. The unstable network speed happens often.

Its just not so much noticed when browsing internet. Unstable speed only happens with wifi. Connecting via cable shows consistent high speed. I tried switching and testing on both. ATT tech support came to my house to check on the cable. There was not problem with cable.

I have stopped using Google Nest wifi to isolate the problem. The problem still exists even when using ATT router wifi. What can I do to fix this? Is there a way to fix this? I have a 2 story home and the laptop I use is on the second floor while the Modem is downstairs, I have had att run speed tests and all is working fine. There must be something within the settings of Zoom?

Restarting your gateway is never a fix. It’s a band aid covering an underlying issue with the system. In order to do a speed test on the modem with a computer connected by ethernet cord to the modem, I had to lug my iMac upstairs to where the modem and the Airport are. It’s the only device I have that has an ethernet port. I didn’t want to lug the iMac back downstairs in case you needed me to plug it back into the modem directly.

The numbers on my laptop, sitting downstairs where the iMac usually is are as follows:. My current set up is in a split level house with the stairway in the center of the house. The AirPort and the modem are in an upstairs room, and my home office and the Wifi Connected iMac is on the ground floor, but directly underneath the placement of the modem and the AirPort.

BUT there is also a lot of “open air” between too. We stream Netflix etc. We have no trouble at all. No freezing, no stuttering. No problems.

I will sometimes stream Comcast TV stations to my iPad upstairs and have no trouble with that either. The only problem I have is with Zoom. I most notice it when I’m working via Zoom with a particular client who lives in a very rural area, so I had assumed that the problem was on his end.

But it happens with some other clients too, so I contacted Zoom to see if they could tell me if the problem was MY problem or my attendee’s problem. They said if I’m getting the message “Internet connection unstable” it’s MY problem.

Also, I just speed tested the laptop downstairs in the home office and got Then, I would ask the support folks at Zoom for their opinion on why everything else works fine, except their service. A modem or router problem is not going to be an acceptable answer, since everything that we have checked indicates that you have excellent signal quality at very good Internet speeds. Ask Zoom for a list of specific requirements that the network must meet to work with their service.

My guess is that your network far exceeds the requirements that are needed. If you have the time and inclination for an experiment to lug the iMac down near your AirPort Extreme again Be sure to turn off the WiFi on the iMac if you decide to try the test. Connecting the iMac using an Ethernet cable takes wireless out of the equation, so if the Zoom service works well with an Ethernet connection, then something weird is going on with the wireless that does not affect any of your other devices.

Thank you very much Bob! You’ve helped immensely. Armed with this information, I will be back in touch with my friends at Zoom. I would also say we have seen strange issues with the SB and airport routers. Yours does not quite fit but I would still either get another brand router..

I am almost sure they will. To swap to the cable modem you will need to power it down for 15min and then plug it into the Mac.. So you would disagree with Bob and believe the AirPort is the problem, or that the Airport and the Surfboard are not compatible? How would I ensure the new router works better with the Surfboard modem? Jan 8, PM. AirPort and Surfboard not compatible?

If that were the case, you would have known this a few minutes after you initially set up the AirPort Extreme. Nothing would have worked very well, if things worked at all. Zoom and Surfboard modem not compatible? Anything is possible, I suppose.

To test that theory, you’ll have to try another modem.


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Try coming closer to the router. If Zoom is still NG try shutting down everything including your router. Unplug the router for a minute then plug it bac in. To do this simply turn the router off and on again. You should see a new IP address in the status tab. If this doesn’t fix the problem move on.


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Just install and run the app. So I was dubious that I truly had an “unstable internet” issue. How to set /28066.txt a Zoom meeting.