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There are many reasons why you may need to zoom in or out in Minecraft. Whatever your reasons for needing to zoom in, Minecraft does allow you to zoom in to a certain extent. Mods and console features can also help you achieve the perfect viewing distance.

Zooming in while playing Minecraft is a relatively simple process, depending on the platform you use to play the game. PC users have a couple more options, but console players can usually use magnifying features unique to their platform. You can access your FOV settings by following these steps:. Java Edition users can download a mod with more zooming options. Take a look at the steps below to get started:. Minecraft released a new item in their 1. You can craft a spyglass with one amethyst shard and two copper ingots.

Xbox One users can use a feature already installed on their platform called Magnifier. It works for any game, including Minecraft. To access Magnifier, follow the steps below:. To go back to the Magnifier controls, press the Xbox button twice again. PlayStation 4 users can also zoom into their games without using mods.

To access zoom on PS4, check out the following steps:. Nintendo Switch users can enable a zoom feature on their console for better viewing while playing Minecraft. To get started, follow the steps below:. You can also lock this mode on-screen to play with the magnification on. Simply tap the Home button twice to lock the zoom parameters in place.

If you want to adjust zoom parameters again, press the Home button. Pressing it twice ends zoom mode completely. Place it down and follow the steps below:. There are a few options for zooming in on Minecraft Java. The easiest one is to craft a spyglass shard using one amethyst shard and two copper ingots. For this recipe, you can use any type of wood plank including oak, jungle, and warped. Place the pieces of paper in the uppermost left corner square and the top middle square.

Use the four planks in the squares underneath the paper, lining them up so that there are two planks in each space underneath each paper. You can repeat this process up to four times, resulting in the largest available map in the game. Craft a spyglass using one amethyst shard and two copper ingots if you have Minecraft 1. Some players choose to bind the zoom feature to different keys depending on preference.

Some popular re-binding choices include:. Zooming in for certain situations can work wonders when playing Minecraft. Thanks to the release of the Spyglass, zooming is easier now more than ever before.

How do you zoom in with your Minecraft game? Do you use vanilla assets, mods, or console features? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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Go into your game menu, then click on options. You will then see a slider that says “FOV”. You can drag it to your desired value in order to zoom in/out. The only legit way is to use a bow. It zooms in slightly. Plugins and small mods like optifine can have a more intense zoom function.


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The vision to zoom out map in Minecraft will help minrcraft explore hoq to complete a specific task. Maps assist us in visualizing various items, crafting, updating, or even breeding processes. We how to zoom in pc minecraft to make our fantasy world as per our ideas. Hence, you need to make or explore maps according zoon your requirement. It may appear slightly different in different platforms as Minecraft supports numerous mediums.

Here we have all the descriptive ways for PC, Xbox, PS, and Nintendo Switch out windows screen 10 change resolution greyed examine how to zoom out map in Minecraft, including the setting of various platforms. The last method to zoom out map is by using Spyglass in Minecraft minecratt. It will allow you to craft in-game objects to zoom out or in. With the help of amethyst and two cooper bars how to zoom in pc minecraft, you can prepare the spyglass on the crafting table.

Zook Hold the Square button and PlayStation button together to zoom in on the map, tab the circle button for cancelationand zoom out the map. Lastly, direction buttons is used to pan the surface of the screen.

Therefore, these steps will allow you to access the magnifier feature to zoom out map in Xbox one. Therefore, we have the feature to zoom out in Minecraft as this feature allows you to view the clear image of the game with a single touch.

Hence, it completes all the necessary steps to zoom out the map. It will help you to visualize or explore the map in easier patterns. No, scaling the map will not fix the screen cut issue of your game. To set the screen cut issue, you need to check and apply the compatible screen resolution for your game from the game display settings. If you press it once, the view is transferred to the back and pressing again will bring the front view and for the third time it will change to first-person view.

Always try to get the how to zoom in pc minecraft software as it will be an optimized version for your how to zoom in pc minecraft to jow lag-free. Will zoom out fix the screen cut issue? How to change the view in Minecraft PC? Is Spyglass software version specific? Related Posts. Notify of. Inline Zomo.