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How to Delete Xoom Account – HowBeast tip Select the Option “Cancel Request” under the “Main Reason to Contact” field. Fill out the other required information in the form. When finished, click on “Submit” to submit the request. The Xoom Support will notify you through email regarding your account deletion. See more result ›› Best Answer: Log in to your Xoom account. Click on the “Account” tab on the top left of the screen. Under “My Account,” click on the “Delete My Account” button. Enter your password and click on the “Submit” button. How to Delete Xoom Account on Your Own. Go to Xoom Customer Service. On the Email Us page, select the reason you’re contacting them. The drop-down menu changes occasionally, so it may not have an option that fits your Fill out your full name. Enter the email address that is linked to your Xoom.


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This user agreement will be effective for all users from May 6, These are the terms and conditions of the contract between you and PayPal Europe S.

This user agreement does not apply to your use of PayPal’s Xoom service, how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: is separately governed by the Xoom Legal Agreements. PayPal is deemed authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The nature and extent of consumer protections may differ from those for firms based in the UK. If you are an individual, you must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity to enter into a contract to open how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: PayPal account and use the PayPal services. If you are a business, the business must be registered in one of the above countries. To use the PayPal services you need to open a PayPal account. By opening and using a PayPal account, you agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions in this user agreement, which will be valid until terminated.

You also agree to comply with the following additional documents and each of the other documents on the Legal Agreements page that apply to you:. Please read carefully all of the terms and conditions of this user agreement and each of the other documents that apply to you. We may revise this user agreement and any of the documents listed above from time to time. We will post a notice on the Policy Updates page of our website and provide notice to узнать больше of at least two months.

By continuing to use our services after any changes to this user agreement take effect, you agree to be bound by those changes. You may notify PayPal of your objection to the proposed changes or close how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: account before the proposed changes take effect.

Any necessary editing, including for typographical or calculation errors or other obvious mistakes, does not constitute an amendment to the User Agreement. If you do not agree with any changes, you may close your account free of charge before the changes take effect.

Our services are provided by PayPal Europe S. Узнать больше B to registered users in the European Economic Area. For details on how to reach PayPal, please refer to this page on Customer Service. PayPal is number B on the register, but you can also look us up on the register by our name. Trade Register Number: R. Luxembourg B Through our services you may make online and in-store payments, donations, and send, request and receive electronic money.

PayPal also provides other financial and related services which can be found on the Legal Agreements page for PayPal services. These services are collectively referred to as the service. We may also send this information to you. You may request a copy of any legally required disclosures including this user agreement from us and we will provide this to you in a form which allows you how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: store and reproduce the information for example, by e-mail.

To продолжить our service, you will need access to a smartphone and computer, or tablet and have an internet connection. We offer two types of accounts: personal accounts and business accounts.

To open an account with us, you must:. With /24775.txt personal account you can send and request money from friends and family and pay online for purchases.

Holders of certain existing personal accounts may be required to upgrade their accounts which may include providing further information to PayPal to be able to use all of the current functionality available in a personal account. To use your PayPal account primarily to sell things, you must open a business account or convert your personal account to a business account. Business accounts are for people and organisations whether incorporated or not that primarily use PayPal to receive online payments for sales or donations.

Business accounts may be subject to fees that differ from the fees applicable to personal accounts. See our Fees for further details. By opening a business account or converting a personal account to a business account, you certify to us that you are using it primarily for a business or commercial purpose.

If the activity through any type of PayPal account you hold reaches certain thresholds or involves certain business segments or activities, you how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: required by the card networks to agree to Commercial Entity Agreements directly with our processing partners to allow you to continue accepting card-funded payments.

In this case, these Commercial Entity Agreements will apply to any payment processed by PayPal on your behalf in addition to this user agreement. You should take reasonable steps to stop your PayPal account being misused. You must comply with all reasonable instructions we may issue regarding how you can keep your payment instrument safe. We may require you to authenticate any instruction relating to your account i. You must keep your postal address, email address, phone number of a phone to which you are the primary user and other contact information current in your PayPal account profile.

You may expressly grant, remove and manage permissions for some third parties to take certain actions on your behalf. In some cases you can do this when logged into your account — in other cases you can do this directly with the third party.

You acknowledge that if you grant permission for a third party to take actions on your behalf, we may disclose certain information about your account to this third party. Granting permission to any third party to access your account in any way does not relieve you of any of your responsibilities under this user agreement. You are liable to us for the actions that you authorise the third parties to carry out. You will not hold us responsible for, and you will indemnify us from, any liability arising from the actions or inactions of such third parties in connection with the permissions you granted, subject to your mandatory legal rights.

You can close your account at any time. See the PayPal Help Centre for how to do this. We may also close your account at any time if:. Where we decide to больше на странице your account we will provide you with notice of account closure and where practicable, the reasons for closing your account, together with the ability to withdraw any undisputed funds that we are holding. If you are a consumer, you have the right to withdraw from the User Agreement without giving any reason and without penalty within 14 days of your account being opened.

To do so, you must, within these 14 days, follow the process to close your account which will end the User Agreement. This is why, in addition to these mandatory rights, even after 14 days, you can end your agreement by closing your account. By making use of our services during the day withdrawal period you require our services to be provided before the end of the day right of withdrawal period.

You will have to pay fees for the services you used including during the day withdrawal period up until you close your account and withdraw your balance, if any. All pending transactions will be cancelled when you close your account.

You can use a funding source as a way to pay us to obtain electronic money in your account or to receive withdrawals from your account, as further outlined in this user agreement see in particular Adding or Withdrawing Money and Funding your Payment.

You can link or unlink a credit card, debit card, a prepaid card where available a bank account or PayPal Credit where how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: to your PayPal account as a funding source. Please keep your funding source information current e. If this information changes, we may update it using information and third-party sources available to us without any action on your part. If you do not want us to update your card information, you may contact your issuer to request this or remove your funding source from your PayPal account.

If we update your funding source, we will keep any preference setting attached to that funding source. You may choose to confirm your card or bank account, so that we can verify that the card or bank account is valid and that you are its owner.

By linking a funding source to your PayPal account, you give us continuous permission to automatically charge that funding source subject to this user agreement and the terms of any mandate e. We may charge the funding source again if the previous attempt failed. If you cancel any continuous permission from your funding source, you will reimburse us for the value of any electronic money we’ve already issued for which a charge from that funding source remains outstanding.

When we receive a payment from your funding source we may store the resulting electronic money in your reserve account for as long as we have reason to believe that there is risk of reversal by the funding source provider.

This is because we do not have all the information necessary to place the funds from your payment at your disposal in your PayPal balance while there is such a risk of reversal. See Funding payments you send from your account below for how we use eCheques.

You will not receive interest or any other earnings on the money in your account. This is because the money in your account is electronic money and applicable laws forbid paying interest on electronic money. Also, electronic money is not a deposit or an investment under Luxembourg law, so the Luxembourg deposit guarantee or investor indemnity schemes administered by the Conseil des Protection des Deposants et des Investisseurs or any equivalent scheme in the EEA cannot protect you.

In addition, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not cover any credit balances we hold in your PayPal how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: from time to time. The operational part of your account contains your PayPal balance, which is the balance of money available for payments or withdrawals.

You need to how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: enough PayPal balance in cleared funds to cover the amount of any payment you make and the transaction fees you owe us at the time of the how to delete my xoom paypal account – none:.

Other requirements also apply — see the section Making a Payment below. If you have insufficient PayPal balance or have chosen a preferred funding source you are also requesting us to obtain funds on your behalf from your applicable funding source and issue electronic money to your PayPal balance for your payment to be made.

When you withdraw your money you how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: to have enough PayPal balance to cover the value of any withdrawal at the time of the withdrawal. If your PayPal balance shows a negative amount, this is the net amount you owe to us at the given time. You cannot access and use money stored in the reserve account. The execution of any payment to us from your funding source how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: is your funding source provider’s источник responsibility.

We have no control over how long the payment to us will take. If you have a PayPal balance, you may withdraw any amount by transferring it to your nominated funding source linked to your PayPal account, as we may allow from time to time. This could include your bank account or debit or credit card, depending on the country in which your PayPal account is registered. When you instruct us to withdraw any amount of your PayPal balance, subject further to this user agreement we will:.

If there are no читать статью delays subject to this user agreement. Once our bank receives our payment instruction, we have no control over how long the payment to you will take to complete. At this point, our bank, your funding source provider and the payment systems that they rely on take over responsibility for getting the money to your привожу ссылку funding source and this can affect the time it takes for you to how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: your money.

We may allow you to withdraw the money by transferring the money to:. Fees apply to withdrawals. We will also disclose to you the fees in advance each time you initiate such a withdrawal.

The funding source for example, bank account or card into which you request the withdrawal must be denominated in the original opening currency of your account or another currency that PayPal supports for withdrawals in your country of residence. You may only withdraw PayPal balance in the opening currency of your account, how to delete my xoom paypal account – none: we agree otherwise.

In order to withdraw PayPal balance held in another currency you will have to convert the currency to the opening currency of your account, or it will be converted for you at the time of your withdrawal. Our transaction exchange rate will be used.


– Paypal User Agreement – PayPal UK

For sellers in the countries listed below, there is a maximum fee per payment for receiving -eCheque funded payments as follows. If you do not do so, PayPal may:. This includes amounts owed by using our various products such as Venmo, Xoom or Braintree. A Minimum reserve is a specific minimum amount that you’re required to keep available in your PayPal balance at all times. If your PayPal account is subject to a hold, limitation or reserve.