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Your customer does not need to provide a negative COVID PCR test if: • Their flight to Canada is prior to Flights operated by Air Canada Rouge. No person should board a flight if feeling ill as they could potentially put others COVID will be allowed to fly of Canada has new restrictions. Beginning in mid-December, travelers flying from Canada to Hawaii may bypass the COVID test result from a lab identified by Air Canada or WestJet.


Canada announces new travel restrictions | Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores | Gobierno | .


Special Offers. Travellers are now required to be fully vaccinated when travelling within Canada, or when departing from a Canadian airport. If you are unable to submit your proof of vaccination online, you will need to validate your document at the airport and retrieve your boarding pass with one of our airport specialists. Please make sure that your COVID health document meets the requirements of the country you are travelling to.

For more information on entry requirements, please visit our Travel Ready Hub. When prompted during online check-in, upload your document, or use your camera-equipped mobile or tablet to scan the QR code on your document. See our FAQs for details. If you had already printed your boarding pass or loaded it to your phone, please make sure you replace it with the updated version which will include the document validation. Am I obligated to upload my document s during check-in?

However, failure to upload or scan your proof of vaccine will require you to pick up your boarding pass at the airport. You may still validate your health documents at the airport. If the country you are travelling to accepts COVID proof of recovery, please validate your documents at the airport with one of our airport specialists. Do not use the digital solution. Who can use the QR code option?

Australia, Canada, Europe as well as many American states adhere to this requirement. You are not required to provide a test result with a QR code. You can get your COVID test from any accredited lab that meets the entry requirements of your destination. You may get your COVID test from any accredited lab that meets the entry requirements of your destination.

I have received my required health documents. Where and when do I scan or upload them? When prompted during check-in, use your camera-equipped mobile or tablet to scan the QR code, or upload your document. You can upload your document or scan your QR code when check-in opens 24 hours before your flight, and up to one hour before your flight. This does not apply to test results with a QR code. Why am I being asked to scan more than one document? Governments have different entry requirements.

If you have more than one destination on your itinerary, you may be required to scan more than one negative COVID health document. Please ensure you are aware of requirements to enter , exit or transit through each country on your itinerary.

Do I still need to bring the original copy of my health documents with me to the airport? Please carry them with you throughout your entire journey. My health document result was not accepted.

What do I do? If your document was rejected, please review your health document requirements and check for any technical issues. If time permits, please try again. Otherwise, simply bring the original copy physical or digital of your health documents to the airport so it can be validated by one of our airport agents.

Will I still be able to validate my health documents at the airport? If you must bring your documents to the airport, please arrive at the airport early so you have plenty of time for validation.

Is there anything else I need to do to prepare for my travel? Please make sure you comply with all the entry requirements of your destination and have the valid travel documents necessary to enter, exit or transit through each country on your itinerary. This may include booking a quarantine hotel, completing entry forms, or downloading an app.

If I use this feature, will I need to validate any documents at the airport? You are not required to validate your health documents at the airport if they have been approved during check-in online. The validation of your COVID health document will be automatically integrated into your booking and is accessible to our airport agents.

However, you may be required to provide other documents, depending on the entry requirements of your destination. Do I need to download anything? During check-in, upload your document or scan the QR code provided on your test result. What personal information will be collected and how is it used? We collect your document information when you choose to upload a document or scan the QR code of your document.

Specifically, we collect the test type, test date, test result, and laboratory name, as well as your first name, last name, and date of birth; or your COVID vaccination information.

We use this information to ensure you meet the health-related entry requirements at your destination. For faster processing, we use an optical character recognition system when you submit a picture or PDF of your health document.

With your consent, we can legally collect and use your COVID document information for the purpose described. Air Canada will not use your health document information for any other purpose than what is described in this trial. Air Canada does not share your COVID health document information with third parties, except as required or permitted by law.

Your COVID document information is kept only long enough to validate that it meets the relevant entry requirements at your destination, that you are eligible to travel, and that you have successfully completed your travel, after which it is automatically deleted. For more information on the processing of your personal information, please see the Air Canada privacy policy. Search site Find. Hamburger Navigation Sign in or create an Aeroplan account.

Business Travel. Flights to U. Use our calculator to determine your free checked baggage allowance. Already a member? Sign in. Air Canada Aeroplan Elite Status. Travelling from a Canadian airport? During check-in, you will be asked to upload your proof of vaccine. Your trip may also require other health documents, which you can upload prior to your trip. How to upload your health document s?

Step 2 During online check-in upload your document or scan your QR code When prompted during online check-in, upload your document, or use your camera-equipped mobile or tablet to scan the QR code on your document. Step 3 Print your boarding pass or load it to your phone, then proceed to the airport If you had already printed your boarding pass or loaded it to your phone, please make sure you replace it with the updated version which will include the document validation.

Advantages Receive your digital boarding pass, if you are unable to upload your proof of vaccine you will need to pick up your boarding pass at the airport. Find out before arriving at the airport if your document complies with your entry requirements. Enjoy a more touchless experience at the airport. Frequently asked questions Am I obligated to upload my document s during check-in? When prompted during check-in, use your camera-equipped mobile or tablet to scan the QR code, or upload your document You can download the Air Canada app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Check-in: You can upload your document or scan your QR code when check-in opens 24 hours before your flight, and up to one hour before your flight. Validation confirmation: If you are scanning a QR code, you will receive a validation confirmation instantly.

If you are uploading a document, you will receive an email with the validation confirmation. If you are experiencing problems, please try our mobile app Opens in a new window.


Travel Ready hub | Air Canada.Travel Ready hub | Air Canada


Our Travel Ready hub is a guide to help you understand some of the key requirements in order for you to travel on your upcoming vacation. However, this information does not replace the specific information provided by government and other relevant authorities, and any third parties, such as hotels, resorts, or cruise lines. While Air Canada Vacations makes best efforts to keep the information on this page updated, due to fast-changing government mandates and restrictions which may be affected by numerous factors for example, point of origin, age, final destination, purpose or duration of travel, state of vaccination , as well as due to interpretation by the applicable local government officials, Air Canada Vacations is not responsible for the completeness and accuracy of this information; neither Air Canada Vacations, nor any of its employees or agents may under any circumstances be held responsible or liable in any way for any claim, loss, damage, cost, expense or liability whatsoever that may result from your access to, or reliance on, information provided on this page.

We strongly recommend that you contact the government of each country on your itinerary for detailed, up-to-date information on health, passport, visa, and other entry requirements applicable to your case, as they may vary based on country of nationality and other factors.

The final determination of entry in or transit through is the decision of the government and officials of the country to which you are travelling. Effective April 1, fully vaccinated customers no longer need to show proof of a pre-departure COVID test result for air travel to Canada.

Fully vaccinated customers may still be selected for random testing on arrival but are not required to quarantine while awaiting their test result. All customers regardless of how long you were away from Canada will continue to be required to submit their mandatory information on the ArriveCan app or website. Learn more about the regulations for travellers provided by the Government of Canada.

Starting October 30, , travellers will need to qualify as fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination to depart from Canadian airports or travel VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains. This will also apply to travellers on cruise ships when the cruise season commences in For more information, please refer to the backgrounder on the Government of Canada website.

The July 12 deadline to submit a refund request to your original form of payment for tickets with a travel date on or after February 1, and purchased before April 13, , is now closed. If you missed the deadline, your cancelled file will remain as a Future Travel Credit with no expiry date. For bookings made after April 13, , we offer all customers the choice of receiving a refund in cases where your flight is cancelled by Air Canada Vacations.

Looking to set sail soon? Some hotels and resorts now require full vaccination of all their guests. When booking your next trip with us, make sure to look for any important notes when choosing your hotel or resort.

Check out the requirements by selecting the lounge on your itinerary from the drop down menu here before your trip. Some of our hotel partners are taking an extra step to help you leave your cares behind when you stay with them. Many offer their guests complimentary or reduced cost PCR testing, while others provide onsite testing for a fee. Air Canada has partnered with Switch Health to make required testing more convenient than ever.

Their new portable self-administered test kit can be taken with you on your next vacation, so that you can avoid the need to visit a foreign testing facility before heading back to Canada. Plus, Aeroplan members have exclusive access to preferred pricing on all Switch Health products!

Learn more here. The schedule is subject to change as we continue to monitor government restrictions on travel. Please visit our Travel Advisory page for the most up-to-date information regarding if and how your booking is affected by Air Canada flight cancellations or route suspensions.

Check out this interactive map to discover all the destinations you can fly to right now, across Canada and beyond. Travel restrictions and mandatory safety protocols may be in place at certain destinations, on flights, and at airports, hotels and on cruise ships.

The availability of services and facilities may be impacted. As well, you may be required to pay for a local insurance fee per person upon registration or entry into a country.

You can use this interactive tool to check out the latest government entry requirements and COVID measures in place at your destination. International destinations may have different requirements.

For example, if your child’s 12th birthday is in January, they can travel in January through April without providing proof of vaccination or a test result. In May, they would need proof of vaccination. Vaccination is required for travel within and out of Canada. Passengers from small or remote communities will still be able to obtain essential services for their medical, health or social well-being, and return safely to their homes.

Essential medical care refers to booked appointments to receive medical services that are important to saving lives and improving health outcomes. Travellers should check with their air carrier s to ensure that they can meet the requirements for:. Operators will only be authorized to apply this authority, however, when there is an immediate threat to the safety of the traveller. Personal emergency and urgent travel will not be considered. Travellers are able to submit applications under the domestic National Interest Exemption Program at least 3 weeks before your travel dates.

Travellers that are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons, such as a specific confirmed allergy, may be eligible for an exemption to the vaccine requirement. Leaders and members of a number of religions and religious denominations have released public statements indicating their support for the COVID vaccine specifically in the interest of public health.

These include:. In addition, a number of provincial human rights commissions have taken the position that objection to vaccination for personal reasons is not a protected ground under their respective Code and does not need to be accommodated. Applications for sincere religious beliefs may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Your request to your airline, railway, or cruise line must clearly demonstrate your sincere religious belief, how it prevents you from being vaccinated, and be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths.

Get more information and apply for the exemption. Travellers who qualify for an exemption will also need to have a valid COVID test result before boarding a flight or train. False claims are an offence under the Criminal Code and false declaration could be subject to Transport Canada fines. If you don’t qualify as fully vaccinated and you qualify for one of the limited exemptions that require a valid test result, you must provide proof of one of the following accepted types of test results:.

It’s your responsibility to book, pay for and get the results of your test prior to boarding your flight or train. Your antigen test must be administered or supervised by a testing provider, pharmacy, telehealth service, laboratory or healthcare entity. In addition to the vaccination requirement, all existing mandatory pre-boarding and health requirements for passengers remain in place. This includes health check questions, and wearing masks inside airports and rail terminals, and while on board planes and trains.

All passengers must wear a mask throughout their entire travel journey except for brief periods while eating, drinking, or taking oral medication, or unless otherwise exempt. Some of these exemptions include:. Your proof of vaccination doesn’t guarantee you entry to another country. Before you travel, you must check the rules of your destination country and the countries you transit through:. You won’t be allowed to board unless you present a medical certificate confirming that your symptoms aren’t related to COVID Travellers entering Canada, regardless of citizenship, must follow all requirements to keep everyone safe.

Foreign nationals who don’t qualify as fully vaccinated will only be allowed to enter in specific circumstances:. You will not receive a reply.