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Our work is our religion Bhagirath Pithwadiwala A person who always looks Ihe brighter side of the things, who believes in working hard towards achieving the goal and feels its the only religion of a person Mr. Bhagirath Pithwadiwala at the age of only 28 is a prominent personality in Real Estate of SuraL At this young age with such a strong desire for success and sure plans for future he has become a youth icon today! Though Bhagirathbhai has achieved remarkable success today the starting point of his career was also hard like many other beginners.


He lost his father Late Shree Manubhai Baldha (Pithwadiwala) when he was just 16 years old. This was the toughest time of his life when he had to choose between his study or fathers business! He chose fathers business as it was his family and social priority.

He was in his teenage and he jumped into the real estate business. Along with the same he started his political career too. With his strong will and full efforts Bhagirathbhai has created a history of success!

‘Karma’ Man

Bhagirathbhai is thorough believer in ‘Karma’. He says, uWhen t had to jump in family business I did not think much and just followed my instinct and started workin hard.At that point of time only work and no excuse was my mantra and let me tell you it has done wonders for me! I would say that if we work with our full capacity then nobody can stop us in getting its rewards. But to get the rewards first we have to forget about it and only concentrate on work.Success is a sure gift of hard work but we should not keep it in mind while working.

Projects in execution: Presently several projects of Bhagirathbhai are under execution across Surat and surrounding areas. The prominent ones are ‘Om Residency’ at Pasodara with total 250 buildings and 4000 flats and a major industrial construction at Umbher. Currently the talk of the town project of Bhagirathbhai is ‘Sundervan weekend Homes’ getting shaped at National Highway NO.8 near Vesma.

Future Endeavors:

Bhagirathbhai has many plans for his future. It includes making a luxurious farm house along with one such marvelous project that wili be unforgettable in the history of SuraL He has social work is in his priority too. He is mainly interested in empowering and awakening the youth so that they can actively participate in the process of nation building. Vision for Youth & Nation: Bhagirathbhai strongly supports educational reform and believes education to be the base of future. He appeals the youth to first complete their education.